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The Glass Coffin
NR1h 17m
When Amanda steps into a limousine on her way to accept a lifetime award for her acting career, she has no idea she’ll soon be trapped and forced into a series of twisted acts. She’ll have to discover her tormenter if she wants to get out alive.


The Glass Coffin

Amanda steps into a limo waiting to take her to a gala ceremony where she will receive a lifetime award for her acting career. Suddenly, the windows go dark, doors lock, and Amanda's phone is jammed. A strange, metallic voice tells her that she’s trapped, and begins forcing her to do things that eat away at her self-respect and integrity. Will Amanda escape this diabolical end game?

  • Creators
  • Haritz Zubillaga
  • Cast
  • Paola Bontempi
  • Genre
  • Horror
  • Thriller
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