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Republic Z
TVMA1h 27m
Three years after the outbreak of an epidemic, three survivors have to make their way from a shelter in the thick of the woods to the city, in an attempt to save the world.


Republic Z

It’s the zombie apocalypse and two guys have to endure. They spend every day fighting for their lives, chopping-off zombie heads that are frozen. When spring comes, the zombies will thaw and awaken. Enter Dora , a competent survivalist who has been surviving with her dad for 3 years. When her father dies, she comes across the guys and they decide to look for a remedy together.

  • Creators
  • Stepan Burnashev
  • Nadezhda Yumshanova
  • Cast
  • Dmitiriy Baishev
  • Georgiy Bessonov
  • Kyunney Filippova
  • Genre
  • Horror
  • Comedy
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